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Dynamic Balancing Services

Turning Point Engineers Dynamic Balancing services provided for Turbine Blade Rotor, Blower Fan Impellers, Pump Impellers, Electric Rotors Armatures, Fly Wheel, Rollers Pulleys, General Machinery Crankshaft, Drives Car, Wheels Brake Drum with the relationship of permissible eccentricity a with speed n for a number of balance quality grades, G1 , G2.5, etc. specified in ISO 1940. The international committee responsible for this specification has tentatively (1973) proposed quality classifications for particular products. It will be seen that G 6.3 is the grade considered appropriate for fan impellers.


we are Manufacturer of Pulverizer, Crusher, vibrating Screen, Magnetic Separater in Raipur chhttisgarh.The steadily increasing demand for powders of dross,slag, plastic, rubber, or minerals of any kind as well as the constantly expanding quality requirements with regards to flow ability, bulk density, particle size distribution and grain structure, call for pulverizing systems of most modern technology. Static.


Slag Crusher include only a single roller crusher & one of magnetic separator machine, but by the change of time slag crusher plant become fully developed & designed in fully automatic plant by added the bellow equipments

Vibrating Screen

Screening Equipments Vibrating Screen Supplier amp; Distributor chemical industry amp; etc They are efficient screening machines for the classification of bu Vibrating Screen moves round. It has multilayers and is of high efficiency.

Magnetic Separater

The screened material flows from Vibrating Screen that is the mixture of slag & metal contents goes to Magnetic Separator. Magnetic Separator is most useful for non electric separating for separating iron from non magnetic product in bulk quantity for purity of end product, Metal having commercial value.